Tire Wear Patterns: A detailed overview of the common problems


Vehicles require quality tires to perform properly and ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Reading tire wear patterns is an important task which may lead to the inspection and maintenance of other potentially damaged components of your vehicle. Sometimes increased wear and tear of tires can be the result of enormous amounts of friction, which can be based on improper alignment of the front wheels. By learning how to check tire tread for any abnormal patterns will no doubt prevent any potential safety issues from growing.

To examine tire wear patterns, it is suggested that the owner analyze the tires visually to accurately determine what may be causing improper tire wear.  Detecting your tires tread and tire wear is essential to understanding the condition of your tires. Any unhealthy wear and tear found on your tires will help you determine what steps are necessary to repair any problematic issues. A vehicles tire wear patterns may be the result of over inflation. Over inflated tires is a primary cause of the degeneration of tread and could lead to disastrous consequence if not attended to in a proper manner.

Some mechanics can indirectly contribute to irregular tire wear patterns. Some less experienced mechanics may tend to pump too much air and over-inflate your tires, which leads to increased pressure on the tread resulting in its gradual demise. If the damage is of a higher degree it is important to use new tires and replace the old ones for better performance in the long run. Feathering is one of the main causes of tire wear patterns as long distance travel over a period of time leads to gradual degradation of tread in the form of sharp edges and hampering the movement of the vehicle. There have been many instances when a vehicles toe in setting can be defective resulting in tire wear issues but this can easily be corrected by resetting the alignment.

One of the major factors that contribute to tire wear patterns include the phenomenon of tire cupping that might occur due to the defective suspension parts of the vehicle or low quality tires.  Some parts such as suspension bushes and coil springs get worn out after a long period of usage and need urgent replacement to avoid the problems related to your tires tread.

Tire Noise Causes: A Detailed Insight Overview

There are different types of tire noise causes which create problems for many vehicle owners. Therefore, one must perform careful inspection to analyze the reasons and take suitable actions for rectification. Bubbles are one of the biggest culprits for tire noise causes because they loosen the grip of the vehicle on the highway resulting in insurmountable problems for the drivers. A knot is created due to the presence of a pothole on the roads which leads to innumerable issues; however they can be repaired to ensure smooth functioning of the vehicle. Continue reading

Why it’s important to know about Tire Cupping?

Many people are ignorant about the tire cupping because for some the term appears to be a technical jargon, however it can snowball into serious issues for vehicle owners. The problem occurs due to the purchase of tires which are of low quality and cannot withstand the proper friction while driving. Some of the wheels exhibit high level of indentation which is the result of tire cupping. This leads to the loss of control over your vehicle because the tire is devoid of proper contact with the ground, leading to the malfunctioning of a tires traction mechanism. The less friction you have on the road will undoubtedly increase the risk of you getting into an accident. Continue reading

How to Plug a Tire: Important Steps to Accomplish the Task

In this day and age vehicles are purchased in huge numbers but many people do not know how to plug a tire.  When the time comes it is an important step to fix or replace an old tire with a new one. Owners that need to perform the above mentioned task should purchase a tire plug kit or find a reputable automotive company to do it for them. Because plugging a tire may void your warranty it is best to use this as a short term solution. Another question to answer when trying to find out how to plug a tire is finding out what objects are responsible for the destruction of your tire? You can get a puncture in your tire from running over sharp objects, tire wear, or a potential vandal. If an object is stuck in your tire it can be pulled with the help of specially designed pliers. It is the ideal choice for achieving the desired objectives in an exemplary manner. Continue reading

How to Check Tire Tread: Tips to Effectively Perform the Task

The common question how to check tire tread worries many car owners because the tires are considered to be the lifeline of the automobiles. It is composed of numerous traction components called the tread which distribute water to different parts of the tire so that it is able to enhance the grip on the road.  Due to wear and tear of a tires tread, the tire is may not be able to meet the specifications of the driver and also causes long term damage to other components of the vehicle. Reduction in the width of the tread should be treated with utmost caution because it is a subtle warning to replace the older worn out tires with fresh ones. Continue reading